The timeless character of the double hung window has made it one of the most popular window choice for traditional and contemporary homes. Timber double hung windows provide the ultimate in ventilation control allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes together. Counter Balance double hung windows have the traditional features of the weights and cords window except its operation is different by each sash balancing each other, providing ultimate ventilation.

Weights & Cords double hung windows enhance the character of your home and offer ultimate traditional style with ease of operation. BSI balance systems for single and double hung windows are concealed once installed and can easily allow the sash to be removed for cleaning and painting. We also offer the Jambliner system which allows you to completely remove your sashes from inside your home, for easy painting and cleaning. Spiral Balance allows you to have single or double hung window option. The look of each window can alter according to type of horns or profile to sashes.